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16,72m² | 168ft²

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Gardof's Garden Office is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to increase their productivity, better their work-life balance and save money. This insulated wooden building can be used as a home office, guest house, craft studio or any other type of space you need. It has everything needed to be used year-round no matter what climate you live in.

3D Models

The Gardof building was designed to meet the needs of those requiring a clean, modern and cost effective answer to a space issue.
The framing of the house has been developed to be strong but easy to construct, while still achieving code requirements.
Sheathing is used to tie the framing together. This creates a solid and stable, engineer approved structure. We suggest using 12mm (5⁄8”) OSB on the walls and 21mm (3/4") OSB or plywood on the roof and floor to achieve the best stability, as described in the materials section.
Gardof partners will supply windows and doors that pass local code requirements. The products are double glazed and come with child safety and anti break in hardware. The install process can be found in the suppliers instruction manual.
We have selected horizontal wood siding (cladding) to finish the exterior of the Gardof house. This is in line with our environmentally considerate and sustainable ethos. Lastly it completes the modern, clean look of our product.
To find instructions for a deck build, visit our partner Backdek