Gardof is a company that specializes in providing detailed 3D garden office models, DIY instructions, and exact material lists. Gardof is also partnering with material suppliers and builders globally to obtain materials at discounted rates and is creating a database of builders to build its products. In order to revolutionize the DIY garden office industry, Gardof has launched a new cryptocurrency called GardofToken (GARDOF). GARDOF will serve as a utility token for buying and selling Gardof products, accessing premium content, and participating in governance and voting on future Gardof product offerings and features.

The total supply of GARDOF is 10,000,000, with 4,000,000 in circulation. A significant portion of the circulating supply is currently held by Gardof team members. The remaining 6,000,000 is held in Gardof's wallet. The GARDOF sale will be conducted using the Ethereum blockchain and will accept payment in Ether (ETH) only.

Token Utility
GARDOF can be used to purchase Gardof products and services at a discounted rate. GARDOF will also be used to access premium content and tutorials on the Gardof platform. Furthermore, GARDOF can be used to participate in governance and voting on future Gardof product offerings and features. Finally, GARDOF can be traded on UniSwap for other tokens.

Roadmap and Future Plans
Gardof has a comprehensive roadmap for the development and growth of the GardofToken ecosystem. Gardof has launched GARDOF and will integrate GARDOF as a payment option for Gardof products and services.
In 2024, Gardof will release the beta version of a decentralized platform for buying and selling DIY garden office products and materials using GARDOF.
In 2025, Gardof will launch Gardof Premium, a subscription service that offers GARDOF holders access to exclusive content, tutorials, and discounts. Gardof will also expand its platform to include additional DIY outdoor products and accessories.
In 2026 and beyond, Gardof will continue to innovate and expand its product offerings and platform features based on customer feedback and industry trends. Gardof will also explore opportunities to integrate GARDOF into other industries and applications beyond the DIY garden office space.

GardofToken is an innovative cryptocurrency that will revolutionize the DIY garden office industry. With GARDOF, Gardof aims to provide its customers with a seamless and efficient way to purchase products and services, access premium content, and participate in governance and voting on future Gardof product offerings and features. GardofToken is not only a utility token but also a means to access exclusive content, tutorials and discounts. GardofToken has a comprehensive roadmap and future plans that will ensure the growth and success of the GardofToken ecosystem.