Q2: Building a materials suppliers and builders global database.
Q3: Integrate GARDOF as a payment option for Gardof products and services.
Q4: Begin development of decentralized platform for buying and selling DIY garden office products and materials using GARDOF.

Q1: Release beta version of decentralized platform for testing and feedback.
Q2: Launch Gardof Community Hub, an online forum for DIY enthusiasts and builders to share ideas and collaborate.
Q3: Expand partnerships with material suppliers globally to offer GARDOF holders exclusive discounts on materials.
Q4: Develop mobile app for easy access to Gardof platform and products.

Q1: Launch Gardof Premium, a subscription service that offers GARDOF holders access to exclusive content, tutorials, and discounts.
Q2: Expand Gardof platform to include additional DIY outdoor products and accessories.
Q3: Launch Gardof Marketplace, a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling DIY garden office products and materials using GARDOF.
Q4: Explore partnerships with leading construction and design companies to integrate Gardof products into their offerings

2026 and Beyond:
Continue to innovate and expand Gardof's product offerings and platform features based on customer feedback and industry trends.
Explore opportunities to integrate GardofToken into other industries and applications beyond the DIY garden office space.
Develop strategic partnerships and collaborations with leading companies and organizations to expand the reach and impact of GardofToken and its ecosystem.